Day of Surgery

Please arrive on time and make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. You are not permitted to leave alone after receiving anesthesia. Transportation via taxi is not permitted unless a responsible adult is riding with you. We ask that the person responsible for taking you home remains at the surgery center while your surgery is taking place.

The following instructions are very important for a successful outcome of your procedure. Have them handy when the pre-admission nurse calls you, so you can fill in the blanks. Please follow these instructions closely.   

General Instructions for All Patients:

  • You will be called and given your arrival time one business day prior to your procedure, between 12:00 noon and 5:15 p.m. Please call (541) 322-2395 if you have not heard from us by 5:15 p.m.

My Arrival Time is _________________.

  • We are located at THE CENTER. Please park in the underground parking lot area (accessed from the west side of the building off Purcell Blvd.; drive down ramp). Come through doors on underground level and proceed to your left to the Cascade Surgicenter check-in desk.
  • You MUST arrange for an adult to drive you home.
  • Please notify Cascade Surgicenter at (541) 322-2395 or call your physician at (541) 382-3344 if you develop a sore throat, fever, or illness. This is an elective procedure and may be cancelled if you are ill.
  • Bring driver’s license or photo ID, insurance card, and co-payment. Leave all other valuables at home. We cannot be responsible for damaged or lost property.
  • Do not wear perfume, cologne, jewelry, or makeup the day of your procedure.

Additional Instructions for Patients Requiring Anesthesia or I.V. Sedation:

  • Surgery patients will be contacted by the pre-admission nurse 2-7 business days prior to surgery date to collect a health history and current medication list, and to make arrangements for additional pre-op testing ordered by your anesthesiologist (i.e. lab work, EKG).
  • Do not eat ANYTHING after midnight the night prior to your procedure. Do not chew gum, candy, or use tobacco or tobacco products (chew) on the day of your procedure.
  • You may drink clear liquids up to 6 hours before the time you are told to arrive for your procedure. (Includes coffee or tea without milk products, plain Jell-O, soda, Gatorade, clear broth, water, and juice without pulp).
  • You may brush your teeth and rinse your mouth any time prior to your procedure (swish and spit out water without swallowing).
  • Please shower prior to arrival.
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, and wear bottom underwear. Females may wear a sports bra without metal or plastic clips (bra with stitching only). Wear comfortable shoes; no high heels.
  • If your surgery requires crutches or walker after your procedure, please bring them with you and leave them in your car. Bring them inside if you are scheduled to have pre-op crutch training (a nurse will arrange crutch training during the pre-op call).
  • Bring the following items related to your surgery: __________________________________.
  • OK to take the following medications with a sip of water on the day of surgery: ____________________________________.
  • Do not take the following medications on the day of surgery: _________________________.
  • Please bring the following items if needed: Insulin; snack if you have a gluten allergy; asthma inhaler; pacemaker or cardio defibrillator manufacturer information; CPAP machine.
  • Bring hearing aid(s), glasses, or contact lenses and supplies/cases.
  • Leave a pillow and blanket in your car for your ride home.
  • Please limit family members or friends: 1 for adults and 2 for children.
  • You MUST arrange for an adult to drive you home and to stay with you through the entire night (preferably for 24 hours), or your procedure may be cancelled.
  • Call the pre-op nurse at (541) 322-2397 if you have any questions.

While you are in surgery, your family member, friend, or significant other will be asked to wait in the front lobby waiting area. Your surgeon will speak with him/her immediately following your surgery. If he/she is not present when the surgeon attempts to speak with him/her, he/she may need to wait to speak with your surgeon at your next office appointment.